Course overview

  • This Course " Introduction into Arbitration" focuses in the basic knowledge and skills needed to handle domestic arbitration cases for the Eastern African Region. The aim of this course is to give professionals - both juridical as well as technical - the basic knowledge and skills to develop themselves as a professional arbiter to such an extent that they can they have the starting qualifications to entre the domestic Eastern African arbitration market.

    The program consists of 8 modules:  

    Module 1: Introduction to arbitration and ADR

    Module 2: Arbitration agreement

    Module 3: Commencement and constituting the tribunal of arbitration and establishment of the arbitral tribunal

    Module 4: Arbitral pre-procedures 1

    Module 5: Arbitral procedures 2

    Module 6: The Award and Post award

    Module 7: Costs and interests

    Module 8: Enhancing employment opportunities in arbitration

    Each module contains the theoretic background of the subject matter of the module as well as assignments for the application of the theory in the real life practice of arbitration.

    After having followed all modules you have to undergo a final assessment in order to get the Course Diploma